Penis Girth: How to Get a Large Penis That Women Will Love

Which man did not already try to measure his penis to know its size (length and circumference)? Do not lie to us, it is a ritual of a forced passage of the male who needs to reassure himself on the size of his sex. And even though the vast majority of women say that it does not matter, penis size remains a very important attribute of masculinity for self-confidence. And even keep a fulfilling sex life.

In this article, we give you different methods to know how to measure your penis similar to the techniques mentioned by the report by IncredibleThings. They will be different depending on whether you want to know its size or circumference. We also give you data on the average male size. So that you have a more objective point of comparison than pornographic films (which are not very representative). As well as natural and effective tracks if you want to gain a few centimeters.

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Why measure your penis?

How to measure your sex? The normal size of the penis is a very important point for some men. But also sometimes for some women. Indeed, she can play a role in your sex. And a small penis (or micro penis) can have a devastating effect on your self-confidence.

The length and circumference of your sex will not be the same depending on whether you are resting or erect. Our methods will even allow you to detect a possible difference that could be caused by an erection disorder.

To measure your sex, you will usually need a ruler or ribbon. Be careful though to be careful to measure your member’s vote. Because if it is curved, the result can be distorted. So the ideal is to put yourself in a warm room to prevent your sex retracts.

How to measure your penis: the techniques to measure its length
Let’s start with the length of sex. To know how to measure his penis (and here its size), you will have to be erect. Indeed, when your band, your sex is as big as when you stretch at rest. This method also helps to avoid the gaps and false steps you can have if you have an erectile disorder.

Start by providing yourself with a rigid rule. For this technique to measure your sex, the tape measure may skew the result, especially if your penis is a little curved. You will have to stretch your penis slightly. Do it twice, releasing it between each to prevent it from retracting.

Then place the top of your ruler at the end of your pubic area so that your measurement is as accurate as possible. Doctors, for example, leave the pubic bone. Do like them and consider the distance from the bottom of your belly to the end of your limb.

This is the best way to have a harmonious measurement that takes into account the unique shape of your penis. And always add a few more centimeters because the end of your rule does not always correspond to 0.

How to measure the circumference of your sex?
To measure the circumference of your penis, you will have to be erect again this time. This time, it will also use a seamstress tape, not a rigid rule. To be as accurate as possible, the technique is to place your ribbon flat on the base of your sex, when your band.

Also be careful because when measuring the penis circumference, not the width. Rather, it is the total diameter of your penis, specifically the shortest distance from one side of your penis to the other. So once you have the measure of the diameter of your sex, and since you can not cross it with a ruler, you only need to multiply it by 3.14.

The toilet paper roll method

Want an original method to measure penis vote? Here is a very simple technique, if you do not have a rule at hand. To do this, all you have to do is use a roll of toilet paper. It allows not only to know its size, but also its circumference. Be careful, it’s not a question here of having a precise measurement, but of knowing if you do not have a micropenis.

Specifically, if your sex does not exceed the roll is that it is smaller than the French average. And that you have a small penis. If it exceeds a few centimeters (about 2), you are in the middle. More than 4 and you will have what is called a big penis. For girth, the closer your penis gets to the sides of the toilet roll, the wider it will be.

As you can see, this method is not precise. But you will reassure you quickly if you doubt during a date, for example.

Are you in the middle?

Men who wonder how to measure their penis usually do so to find out if they have an average penis girth. But also by what he thinks is essential to satisfy their partner. Once you have this measurement, know that the average in France, for an erect penis, is between 13 and about 14.5 cm.