What are the Human Male Sex Organs

Men are curious to know more about enhancing their libido or boost their sexual performance.

But they are least concerned knowing about their sex organs.

In this article you will know about male sex organs are their functions.

Male Sexual Response

The brain decides what to do with this data and filters it.

The filtering process is done via the Reticular Formation in the brain which decides on which data is useful and which data should be ignored.

If sensory data is deemed important, the brain relays, through the nerves, extra-sensory information that causes a physical apparent response to this data.

For example, if one is physically stimulating the penis here is what happens:

The sensory receptors in the penis are stimulated and this information is sent to the brain through the nervous system.

The brain analyzes this data and the sends a signal to the pleasure receptors in the penis to invoke a feeling of pleasure.

This is how the neurological-basis of the body works.

This basically means that the brain is the one in charge of all sensory data.

Its role is to define what is worthwhile data and which is not worthwhile data.

This makes the brain the ultimate supercomputer for sex.

Because the brain controls everything that goes on in the body.

There is a situation referred to as “phantom” limbs.

In the “phantom limb syndrome” it is not uncommon for people to experience pain or discomfort in a part of their extremity that has been removed.

This is also true with the penis.

The brain is still wired to believe the penis still exists and it still allows it to “function” in an orgasmic capacity even though it is has been removed from the body.

The Penis

A man can increase penis size through natural penis enlargement.

It will provide him with a mechanism to better impress and sexually satisfy his partner.

There are also methods out there that aim to increase the size of the penis.

One of those methods is called Jelqing.

Jelqing the Penis

Jelqing is a very interesting technique.

It originated in Arabia and still continues to this day.

There is some skepticism in the technique however.

The doctors at PhalloGauge, have professionally stated that the results of jelqing are uncorroborated.

Regardless, it is still safe to do – even if it may not be effective.

The Sexual Brain

But, as the brain is truly the main organ of sex, it behooves the man to develop a better understanding of his sexual partner if he truly wants to please his partner.

By better understanding the needs of his partner (and understanding the “needs” of his partner is truly related to the largest sex organ of his partner’s body) he will be better able to satisfy his partner if he truly understand what his partner feels, needs, or thinks she needs during the sexual act.

By learning what a partner truly needs enables a man to tap into the largest sex organ – the brain.

Penis Size – Does it Matter?

The point is, don’t get caught up on the size of your penis.

You can create and give more sexual pleasure by learning and understanding what your partner’s needs are than in just creating a big penis.

The brain is the big guy in the process – he’s in control.

If you can figure out how to “read” him and harness him in your partner to drill into the sexual potential that your partner truly needs – be it through talking sexy or oral sex, for example – then you will have the most opportune ability to please your partner.

And better than any other lover could.