What is Natural Penis Enlargement?

The best and safest way to get a longer and a larger penis is to use natural penis enlargement techniques.

There are DVDs available to show you how to do the exercises.

Penis Exercises

  • Jelqing
  • Stretching
  • Extenders
  • Pumps
  • Hanging

Following the step by step guide you can make your penis larger.

The exercises typically have 3 steps to complete.

However if you use a product, then you don’t have to worry about the intricacies to do an exercise properly.

From warm up exercises to more challenging workout, the DVD certainly gets your penis size you want.

You can not expect miracles though.

The penis may grow as big or as large as you want.

Essentially, it is necessary before anything else, you need to know to know what you want.

  • Want longer penis?
  • Or do you want more girth?

You must decide that what you want, because there are a different sets of exercises for either choice.

Exercise for penis length differ from those meant for a larger penis.

As more and more technological advances help us to have a more comfortable life, our sex lives have also evolved.

Genetically speaking.

It is safe to assume that the fathers and grandfathers of men with smaller penises probably had small penises too, but in those days this was not an issue.

This did not prevent them from having children, right? Again,in the past, people did not talk openly about sex.

But now times have changed.

One thing that analysts say it is because in modern society, women tend to compare the size of the penis of their partners.

And most women prefer men with larger and longer penises.

And for this reason, the men want to have longer and larger penises to be able to satisfy their partners.

It is true that that some men say that size does not matter as much as the performance during sexual intercourse, but the majority still prefer to have enlarged penises – cognizant of the associated risks.

Surgery, as mentioned, is the last option – don’t do it.

The safest way is to practice the Natural Penis Enlargement exercises.

Not only is this safe, it is also the cheapest.

Penis enlargement is possible by stimulating the 3 different areas of the penis and penile region…

The first area is the suspensory ligament.

This ligament is what keeps the penis attached and held up when erect.

This ligament can be safely stretched to allow more of the penis to hang out.

This doesn’t do much for girth, but the results in length it can produce are flat out amazing.

Other programs talk about doing stretches, but the suspensory ligament takes a specific type of stretch, or else you’re just spinning your wheels.

The second area is the corpus cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum.

The cavernosa is the two large chambers that account for the majority of the penis size.

The spongiosum is the center, smaller chamber that surrounds the urethra (where urine passes).

When more blood than usual is sent into these chambers, the cell walls break down and grow back bigger and stronger allowing more blood to enter next time around.

It’s a basic response of the body to adapt to a change in environment.

Exercising these areas can increase both length and girth, but is best used for girth.