What is Puberty? How it Affects Boys and Girls

What is Puberty?

Puberty is the transitional period from childhood to adulthood. The psychical form of a child is steadily transformed into a young adult. All these changes are comprehensive. When it comes to puberty, girls tend to be a bit more developed as compared to boys.

The Physical Changes

Physical changes begin around the age of eleven for girls while boys at the age of thirteen. Girls continue to uphold this relatively progressive position to boy especially after primary school but the difference reduces once they reach in college. Girls have a tendency of socializing with older boys than their age and this is a common trend even in adulthood. Finally, the chances of them marrying older men than themselves are high.

Height Changes

The most common change is growth in height for both boys and girls. By the time one reaches their fourteenth year, they would have attained full height. However, some will continue growing until the early twenties. Factors determining this include the development rate of the endocrine glands. These glands secrete hormones which introduce many maturational changes as well as prevent further growth in height.

Changes that girls go through:

During puberty, girls will start to develop the contours of maturity. Changes such as broad hips, developed breast, lack of interest in the earlier boyish figure when young will be apparent. The internal organs will also develop particularly the uterus whereby the girls begin to experience their first menstruation. In some unique cases, this change occurs as earlier as ten years. Puberty stage is signified by the change of secondary sexual characteristics. The obvious example is the development of pubic hair.

Changes that boys go through:

For boys, once they develop beards, the call for first shaving starts. With time, there is much growth of the facial hair which necessitates for consistent grooming. The boys deepening voice will also affect their ego since most of them start to develop the feeling of being a macho man.

Skin Changes

The skin of both boys and girls undergoes several changes which affect them greatly. For some, the sweat glands will develop making the skin look oilier. Acne will start to appear and this greatly causes distress among the adolescents. Young girls will start to look for alternative ways of eliminating the acne by applying certain makeups. They also become so sensitive to anything which brings blemishes on their skin. In some cases, the appearance of acne can lead to deep emotional suffering.


Sexual fertility changes in both boys and girls will lead to associated sexual urges. This will lead to the habit of masturbation. Girls will have higher sexual feelings for boys and this makes them want to experiment it.

Boys apparently understand they have the potential to be fathers but are ill-prepared to assume fatherhood roles. Therefore masturbation is the only relieve which does not entail much distress. The menstruation change in girls makes them feel satisfied with much pride of being like other older girls.

Confusion is also apparent during puberty in girls. Girls will try to deny their physical development especially breasts and this makes them try to hide them. Boys also develop a sense of pride in being strong and capable of performing adulthood responsibilities.

Emotional Changes

Most teen’s apprehensions center about the difficulty of their ability to meet the call of adult life, an approach to the outwardly meek matter of how they feel about their own body and physical appearance.