A Detailed Guide On How To Have Sex

Having sex involves a lot of fun and it is very satisfying as well.

However, in case you are trying it for your first time you might be unaware of where to begin from.

Below is an ultimate guide that will help you in deciphering that sexual code.

We believe that the guide will be of much help to you as far as having sex is concerned.

Find out if your partner is ready for sex

This is a very vital factor that will contribute towards a good sex experience.

When one partner isn’t in that mood, the process might end up being sour.

Some of the common indicators that you need to check is for instance when your partner increases their proximity to you or even touches you.

However, you should be keen to avoid misreading these signals and sometimes you might need to ask.

Prepare yourself

Sex is definitely wonderful thing and also helps one to feel happy.

You should be aware that sex also comes with health benefits for instance burning of calories as well as beating depression.

However, with all these fun, you should also be aware that there are several problems that come with it.

Some of them include the unwanted pregnancies, STDs, among others.

The best way to avoid this is to get prepared by using the required protection like condoms as well as other contraceptive pills.

Select the site and create the mood

Sex is a very intimate act and for that reason you should select an area where you will both be uninhibited, particularly if it’s the first time.

Ensure to select a region which has some privacy if you want to enjoy sex.

A spacious soft bed that features some mood lighting will be ideal in that case as it helps in creating that mood for sex.

Use the right way to approach your partner

Approaching your partner so strongly or being pushy when having sex is among the biggest mistakes that you can ever make.

You should not look desperate but rather allow your partner to express their own feelings too.

Sex is required to be a decision and you should let your partner choose.

In case you are close to one another, you could ask your partner out rather than jumping onto them.

Kiss & Caress

The initial step towards a physical intimacy is definitely kissing.

Most women enjoy kissing as it puts them in the mood for a lot more.

Apart from that, kissing, touching as well as caressing helps in stimulating your partner’s erogenous zones that is going to lead to a very pleasurable sex.

Ensure therefore to make your partner safe in your arms by caressing and kissing.

Employ much foreplay

This is the instance that you can decide to take off your clothes or have the partner undressing you.

Another approach is removing one piece of cloth at a time which is going to make the whole process a real mystery.

Foreplay is generally the things you do prior to having sex.

It includes stimulating the partner’s erogenous zones as well as oral sex.

Ensure to have enough of this.

Choose the right moment

The perfect moment to have some penetrative sex will always be felt since it is mutual.

Carefully select the right moment when the partner s really ready for the next step.

Asking is not by any chance offensive and it is a sure way to know when the partner is ready.

After you have known, you can proceed to the other level.


This is what is important in any sex as this is where all the fun comes into play.

During this step, the penis is normally inserted into your partner’s vagina.

In case you are having protective sex, ensure to wear a condom before insertion.

After the insertion, you can decide how to have sex but basically the man should thrust the penis into the vagina in rhythmic motions.

Ensure that you please each other.

Last for some time

After you have both climaxed, you are both going to get into an elation state.

Ensure to remain in this state for the longest time possible.

Keep in mind that is when you might decide to hold one another or simply be close to one another.

You should not rush things but rather allow the body to resume its normal state by itself.

Summing up

This part can be lovely in most cases and also awkward in others.

For that reason, you need to make the partner as comfortable as possible.

You can flirt a bit telling them how good the sex was as you smile and share some laughter.

This might be the time that you make a real partner that you will live with forever and you should make the correct use of this opportunity.

After you have been done ensure to wash up your body.


It is everybody’s expectation to have their relationships as well as marriages as stable as possible.

However, we must accept the fact that sex plays an integral part in this commitment.

Being aware of how one can have great sex will definitely put your partner a step ahead.

It is our high hope that our guide above has equipped you with everything that you need to know on how to have great sex.