When is the Optimal Age to Have a Baby and Why?

There are many sides when it comes to the optimal age to have a baby.

Every individual has their own goals and priorities to the best time to have a family.

Economic factors such as managing to take care of the baby need to be considered.

Generally, the optimal age to have a baby is preferably mid-twenties.

This is the time one is more fertile to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy at the same time.

Why mid-twenties?

This is the woman’s peak age of her fertility.

This is the perfect age a woman will have higher chances of delivering a young baby with the least amount of physical complications.

Both partners are much fertile during the twenties.

The body is quite young and much ready to procreate.

One is also full of energy which will enable you to cope well with endless demands of a baby and the sleepless nights.

When the kids also reach the toddler stay, you will have the ability to play together with them.

This will be the best time for reaching them and bonding.

A female is born with about two million fertility eggs.

The eggs decline with time.

The moment a young girl attains puberty, she starts to release those eggs and have menstruation at the same time. During this time she can get pregnant.

This shows that the body is first-rate fertile when you are still a teen.

However, pregnancy comes with heavy financial costs, health as well as emotional roles for the mother and the baby. From a biological point of view, the optimal age to have a bay is in her 20ths.

By this time, the body is mature and capable of carrying a baby.

There is no joke that fertility decreases with age.

Half of the women in their late thirties have low chances of getting a baby.

In addition to that, having a baby during the thirties may also come with additional risks.

Complications such as preterm birth, chromosomal abnormalities, stillbirth, and preeclampsia become high.

What happens after the age of 25?

By the time one turns the age of 25, the fertility rate starts to decrease.

This means the possibilities of being pregnant will reduce.

You can as well get pregnant after a period of 10 years.

Many prefer the age of 25 since it is the ideal time to be married, have economic security as well as practical experience with life.

One is also capable to provide for the baby’s emotional and physical needs.

What of age 35?

One can have a baby at this age only that it gets more difficult.

In fact having a baby now is probably a big health risk mistake.

By the time one gets forty, many healthy complications starts as a result of the pregnancy.

There are also higher chances of miscarriages and other complications.

Trying to have a baby at forty implies you will require delivery assistance.

The body is also slowly aging and you won’t have much energy again.

In conclusion, the best age to have a baby depends on you.

This is due to the many different considerations we have before getting pregnant.

However, the optimal age will always be during your twenties.